With nearly 15 years of experience and 1,500 fundraisers as a professionally licensed auctioneer, Jeff Hammond brings the perfect combination of confidence, charm and expertise to usher your guests through the event day program—from pre-event committee meetings to cocktail hour to closing remarks. With his personable and confident stage presence and years of emcee and auctioneer experience, Jeff helps non-profit charities throw their best events yet and achieve (and exceed!) fundraising goals.

As a licensed auctioneer, Jeff can convert all levels of guests—from loyal supporters to first-timers—into top bidders. See Jeff effortlessly turn a lukewarm room into a fired-up auction space with more hands flying up and more donations streaming in. Other auctioneers may be cheap or even free, but Jeff has the skills and expertise to generate thousands of added fundraising dollars. Jeff’s best clients attest that he proves his value at their events time and again.

Jeff is a Commonwealth of Pennsylvania professionally licensed auctioneer having performed at 1,500+ fundraisers.

Jeff’s experience as an MC and licensed auctioneer is extensive, having worked alongside the likes of Harry Connick Jr., Jon Bon Jovi, Carole King and Steven Spielberg and organizations like the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, Ronald McDonald House, Pennsylvania SPCA, American Heart Association and the Penn Cancer Research Center. But Jeff knows it’s not about him—it’s about you and your cause. Helping non-profit charities raise money and positively impact the community is what keeps Jeff dedicated.

 Nearly a decade of stand up comedy experience.

As your event emcee, Jeff uses his time on stage to represent your organization with spirit and passion. And he knows just how to make your worthy cause relevant and personal to your supporters. With nearly a decade of standup comedy experience, Jeff knows how to read the room and engage the audience and keep people smiling, having shared the stage with comedic legends like Jim Gaffigan, Dennis Miller, Paul Reiser, Adam Sandler, Brett Butler and Drew Carey. These days he brings his approachability and humor from the comedy club to your stage.

Client Testimonials

  • Jeffrey’s experience and expertise working as an auctioneer for non-profits was of such deep value for our organization that we netted triple what we normally do with the same type of items. With incredible charisma and energy he added thoughtful commentary to the auction performance which provided both entertainment and awareness to our audience about our mission. We will never do another auction without Jeffrey.

    Beth Vogel Communication and Fundraising Professional
  • Jeff is hands down the best auctioneer on the planet! I have personally witnessed him turn an $8k auction into $33k for the charity! He’s personable, creative, confident, funny. Keep up the great work Jeff!

    Steve Grandizio AnnieMac Home Mortgage
  • Jeff did an awesome job as an auctioneer for our event. He kept our audience engaged and entertained while helping us raise a lot more money than we ever have in our live auction. He also spoke in such a compelling way that our “adopt a family” for a week, month or three month ask far exceeded our fundraising goals and raised $30,000 in less than 5 minutes. He is a true professional, easy to work with and the best auctioneer I have seen!

    Pam Cornforth Ronald McDonald House of Delaware
  • Jeff is by far the BEST auctioneer/emcee we have EVER had. He is engaging, personable, skilled and helped raise our event bottom line significantly.

    Kelly Harris Cancer Support Community Philadelphia
  • I can’t praise Jeff enough for what he has done to our fundraising capabilities. We’re at the point where we won’t even book an event without knowing that Jeff is available!

    Ken Mullner National Adoption Center
  • Jeff has taken our two biggest auctions and created much excitement, pizazz, and added significantly to our bottom line for us!  Also as Kelly mentioned he is a wonderful emcee/host. Jeff has become part of our family at CSCDE.

    Nicole Topkis Pickles Cancer Support Community Delaware

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