When is an auctioneer just an auctioneer?

Answer: When they come in, yell “SOLD!” a few times, and then leave…

Jeff Hammond | Philadelphia Emcee and AuctioneerDid they take the time to understand your organization? Were they in attendance of committee meetings to help with coordinating the event and its timelines? Did they even know why they were raising money for you in the first place? If you answered “NO” to any (or most likely all) of these questions – you hired yourself “just an auctioneer”.

But what you needed was a true fundraising professional. Someone who is able to guide you, your organization, and volunteers to creating a successful event that not only raises money but also celebrates the many reasons why you are raising money in the first place. Your organization deserves to be in the hands of someone who has done over 1,500 events, and can share the “good, bad, and the ugly” of each of them.

“Jeff has taken our two biggest auctions and created much excitement, pizazz, and added significantly to our bottom line for us! He is a wonderful emcee and host. Jeff has become a part of our family here at the Cancer Support Community of Delaware” – Nicole Pickles, Executive Director

It’s important to note that each event is as unique as their own organization. There are dozens of logistics to be worked out from scheduling the event, where to host the event, what kind of event it is going to be, and who will be coming to the event. The last thing you should have to worry about is who is going to represent the best interests of your organization at the event. A fundraising professional who can also serve as your emcee and auctioneer will ensure that your time lines are met, your guests are entertained, the mission is well communicated, and ultimately you are receiving the highest donation revenue possible.

You can’t accomplish that by simply yelling “SOLD!” a few times…

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